How To Set Up A Website - Beginners Guide

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Learn How To Set Up A Website - And More!

This site provides a ton of free advice for the total novice wanting to learn how to set up a website and get to grips with buying and using their first ever web design software. We tell you all about the stuff that we've learnt, mistakes that we've made and web design products that we have genuinely tried and tested along the way. Everything that you read on this website we learnt the hard way, with an awful lot of trial and error. We keep the advice simple, trying to avoid getting too geeky so that even a first timer can understand what we're saying!
From day one we decided that we wanted to use drag and drop style website builders, we're not remotely interested in going down the geeky html programming route, way too big a learning curve and far too time consuming for our liking. I hope you enjoy the website and go away having learnt something new.

Learn How To Set Up A Website

Can't afford a web designer?

Read our in-depth review of the best web design software for
complete beginners on a tight budget.


All kinds of people are discovering how easy it is to write websites!

She knows How To Set Up A Website
They are so happy that they know how to set up a website about their family holidays
They learnt How To Set Up A Website


Don't know how to set up a website?

You'll be surprised just how easy it is!

In the last couple of years there has been a number of high quality website programs released, aimed purely at the complete beginner. For the first time ever someone with no previous web design experience can give professional web designers a real run for their money. If you are undecided whether to hire a pro or have a crack at it yourself, then we highly recommend that you read our review of the software that we are currently using (for this and many other sites). Our aim is to help you with your first steps in learning how to set up a website and demistify the whole process. Making websites is not all smoke and mirrors, it is actually quite easy when you know how!

How To Set Up A Website

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